Trained to be a toilet slave

Feb 22, 2011
Trained to be a Toilet slave.
I am a trained toilet slave. I was trained by Mistress Georgia to serve as a human toilet to dominant women .
I had know Georgia for 10 years ever since we were at university together. Georgia and I became friends. Most men would give their right arms for a date with her . As she is a tall leggy athletic blonde. Think Maria Sharapova,s body and Stephanie Pratt ( made in Chelsea ) face.
I actually prefer Petit Brunets myself so we became friends and dated other people. Georgia went for the muscle gym types and I liked confident dominant girls.
Georgia usually became bored quite quickly with her men, and dumped them without much pity. Saying
Alls fair in love and war.
Being submissive I liked being bossed about by girls but as I am quite tough looking rather than good looking, girls expected me to be an alpha male. I was far from that, and most girls got either bored or fed up fairly soon.
So between dates Georgia and I often hung out. She made me laugh telling me how she had some athletic guys jumping through hoops for her, The harder they tried the more she made them work .
We over the next 10 years kept in touch and even when either of us were in a relationship we talked at least one a month and met up at least 3 or 4 times a year.
We both found ourselves single again and hung out more often in the last 6 months. Georgia had dumped Nat , He had managed to keep her for nearly a year but she had worn him down and in the end he got all possessive and jealous.
Georgia had told me over dinner that in the end when she told him it was over he begged her, got down on his knees and kissed her feet. She liked this but knew he had to go.
Over a bottle of prosecco we laughed about this and then Georgia said,
The only submissive man I like is you.
I was surprised and didn't know what to say but she just giggled and said,
Don't pretend you don't like giving me foot rubs, and cleaning my car. You like it nearly as much as I do ,
and she laughed.
I told her that it was a problem in relationships being submissive as I have some quite extreme fantasy’s.. Georgia wanted to know what I meant but I refused to say. Georgia was used to getting her own way and said,
Tell me or I will beat it out of you,
I thought she was joking but 10 minutes later she had me pinned down and was twisting my wrist casually inflicting pain. Saying,
Tell me or I will only make it worse for you,
and she applied a bit more pressure.
I told her I didnt want to say as she may not like what I say and I didnt want to lose her as a friend .
Georgia was having non of it and in the end I had to submit. I told her I wanted to experience being a toilet slave. But I would want to be forced to do it.
I wanted a merciless bitch to punish and torture me until I took it.
Adding but what sort of woman would like to do that.
Georgia was fascinated and asked if I meant just pee. She seemed a bit surprised when I said
No full service.
We changed the subject and Georgia left about an hour later.
About two in the morning I got a text it said.
Wow I have been researching full toilet slave on the internet. You know what I am amazed a man would give so much power to a woman.
I think I would like to do it to some man.
I replied that she was teasing me she wouldnt really, she wouldnt really want to be that much of a bitch.
The reply shocked me,
Try me.
I couldnt sleep thinking about what she had said, so next morning I text,
Did you mean what you said,
I didnt get a reply for 10 minutes then i got,
Want me to make you do it.?
I couldnt believe it and said
Can we talk tonight.?
Well we talked for hours and agreed she would train me,
I asked her to be totally heartless, even If I was really struggling she had to show no mercy, we agreed she would have to use punishment to reinforce her demands.
I suggested the cane. I said the cane is hard to take even more so when used on the thighs.
Georgia liked this idea beaming,
I have never caned a man before, I love the idea, and I have a few ideas of my own.
We agreed we would have to take 2 weeks vacation from our jobs and she would train me.
A month later I was at Georgia,s apartment. She looked stunning in a short grey skirt, nude stockings white blouse and Black peep toe high heels.
She was dominant righ from the start.
I said you look fab Georgia,
She slapped my face hard and said,
Its mistress Georgia to you, You piece of dirt, Get on your knees.
I knelt before her and she ordered.
Now beg me to be merciless. Beg me to be my toilet and kiss my feet whist you do it.
I was in awe of this new Georgia nad begged and kissed her nylon covered feet.
She laughed after 10 minutes or so and said ,
Right follow me.
I went to get up and whack,
She kicked me hard in the thigh saying,
Dont you dare get off your knees in my presence again unless you want me to kick you sencless.
I was made to crawl after her to the bathroom she encoraged me with several kicks from her high heels.
In the bath room she blind folded me with a scarfe and then I heard her clothing rustle and a few plopping sounds . , then some wiping sounds and then she was next to me.
Crawl forward slave she ordered.
I moved forward until ordered to stop.
Right kneel up, now hands behind your back.
Georgia tied my hands behind my back with her one stocking and then pushed my head down into the toilet bowl.
I couldnt see but I must have been close to her private caviare as she liked to call it.
The smell invaded my nostrils , not totally unpleasant but unmistakable. I breathed mostly through my mouth but Georgia was not having that, and ordered head up for a second.
At this she applied some tape over my mouth and then pushed my head back into the bowl laughing.
I am going for a bath. I am going to deliberately take my time so you can enjoy getting to know my scents.
If you move away one inch I will kick your balls 20 times, very hard, and you dont want that. Start taking some big sniffs for me, and at this to encourage me she dug the heel of one of her shoes into my thigh. Forcing me to sniff like mad.
Georgia burst out laughing
Thats more like it, enjoy
and left the room heading for the other bath room . All I heard was her laughter as she left.
To be continued.