"Trample Tales" By Foxy And Shuga

Los Angeles Based Trample Girls Foxy and Shuga are going to Start a Series on their Yahoo Group called "Trample Tales". It will be a Bi Weekly thing on their Yahoo Group. They will be telling Stories of some of their Trample Experiences. Stuff like maybe it was a First Time Tramplee and he was Really Scared at First. How different people have Fealt under their Size 10 and 11 Feet. How well the Person took the Trample. What Unusual Types of Trample they have done. How much Fun they had Trampling a Certain person and why? Below is what they posted on their Group.


Foxy and Shuga have had some great experiences with trampling. In
good fun Comparison, athletic trampling. All in awesomely good fun.
As women, , strong women in various means, we have a variety of
creativity to share with others.

We will have a bi-weekly submission of reads titled..."Trample
Tales" The idea, as do many of the ideas come from a good friend of
ours, Tim! His creativity is incredible and quite fun! We cant
wait to share our adventures with all of you. Who knows, We just may
write a BOOK! hahaha

Your support is always a pleasure, send us some ideas and lets see
what Foxy and Shuga can put down for you!

The Holidays are coming...
Want a special FOXY BROWN Foot to step at your door......Holiday
Cards are on sale. If you would like a Special Holiday Card from
Foxy and Shuga signed by the Foxy Brown Trample two, send your
personal e-mails and let us know. We have to see how many people are
interesetd before we go forward, but it was sent to us in a Instant
message from a couple of members quite a few times, so we thought
we'd send it out to the group. Let us know...We love our Fans

Foxy and SHUGA!

Below is a Picture of Brown Shuga's Size 11 Foot. It Sure Feels Great to be under them:)