Trampling in Milan?

Hi there,
I wonder if anybody has made some Trampling experience in Milan. From next week on I've to travel often for business to Milan and I wonder if it would be possible there to have a trampling experience. I've read about parties going on on the weekends there, but, unfortunately, I can't join there. Shure a main problem is that I speak only little Italian yet. Probably one of you has made a good Trampling experience in Milan and could give me some recommendations. I really would be happy about this.
Thanx in advance


I haven't been to any trample parties there.....yet.. but i hear that trampling is common. So make a T-shirt that looks like one of their welcome mats, if they have such a thing there. I go to parties here with a "Welcome" T-shirt and i get some pretty good responses from the women, some know immediately that i want to be walked on. They usually giggle, then half the time will eventually walk on me.
If you can't speak italian, then maybe this shirt would be an ice-breaker :)
Good Luck