Trust in Temptress - poem dedication

- Written by Som1 from FetLife
- Incorporating his experinces from:
~ Devotion (at Xstasia)
~ Club Pedestal
~ Being part of a trample carpet
(at Birmingham
Bizarre Bazaar)

The Jungle Book's a film in which you'll see a snake
Entrance the boy, controlling him while he's awake,
And Trust in Meee's the song the serpent softly sings,
Our helpless hero tangled in its coils, and rings
Of snaky labyrinths. And Trust in Meeee's the song
That TrampleTemptress uses as she walks along
A row of men in subspace rapture, gazing up
Into her face. Beneath her oozing dance, they sup
The heady wine of loss of all control. And Trust
In Meeee's the mantra helping men take what they must.

At Pedestal there is a cage in which a guy
Who likes the feel of heel upon his chest can lie
And stare adoring upward, past the firm, toned thighs
And undulating bosom, to the flashing eyes
And laughing smile of Temptress, mistress of the cage
Who struts upon her subby surface. She can gauge
Exactly how much pressure each can take, and when
To stop. And that's not all. She left her raft of men
To cane me cruelly so that all could see, and so
Displayed her thoughtfulness. Such gratitude I'd show...

When I offered “support” it turned out she's the sort
To take words at their face, so when I took my place
In a carpet of blokes, and as soon as the pokes
Of her heels had moved on, then I hastened to run
To the end of the row, that's where I had to go
To endure it again, and to welcome the pain.

It's not really my kink, but I just had to think
I was going through motions to show my Devotion
To a mistress who's kind, who sees into your mind,
And can cut you with fire if your deepest desire
Is the rip of the tip of a twitching whip
Or the pain of a cane that again and again
Descends on your end, while you passively bend
Over chair, bench or rail, as you helplessly wail...

And a guy such as I, who's a tiny bit shy,
Can feel he's worthwhile, if he's seeing her smile.
Another poem

This 2nd poem is written by someone else. So very humbling to now have inspired 2 people to write poems:

Seductive rhythm
Point-paused in driven pain
Swaying pirouettes of piercing pleasure.
The pressure of her regard
Holds eyes fast
To twinkling pupils
Sense-dilated expressions
Of art's immersion.
Those most female curves
Of long languid legs
Flaring hips
Distracting swells of cheeks & breast.
Such crushing mastery,
Smiling Sadism,
With warmest connections
She drives her dance
I breathe her power
To give me strength;
I will endure
To revel
In her pleasures,
As often as I may.


Aug 7, 2002
Looks like I'm not the only one to be around at this time in the morning !

Stories, I can do, but poems I can't (these are both very good though)