Trying out New Stuff!


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Apr 8, 2006
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Hi, so I've been with this girl for awhile now, and we've been trying new stuff. Yeah I've been into the face sitting thing for awhile, so now I get to do it with someone.

We want to share a few pics. And we probably be doing videos of it soon as well. We do online cam shows and stuff, and a few have even requested facesitting.. I could not breathe after it was over, and it was a heck of an experience.

This is cool, since where do you get to see abunch of amateur naked facesitting and whatnot? Not really anywhere you can be control of... I just want to give back to the community since I've been here since 2006!

Here's a few pics we shot below. and here is our website:

It's not big. It's just an intro, and and we will definitely be doing more pics and probably adding videos if it gets good on the site.

For the cam stuff, just PM me for our schedule, or just join in as a guest.
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