Unexpected Snack


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Jan 16, 2017

"Unexpected Snack"


(This is a custom video fantasy brought to life, no specific name used. To order your own email: raquel roper xxx @ gmail.com *remove spaces*.)

"I want to visit a friend and his family but when I arrive only you, his little foster daughter is at home. You ask me to follow you into the kitchen. I could wait for the others there. In the kitchen you tell me that you are very hungry. You grab some cheese out of the fridge and start to eat. When I ask you where the rest of the family is, you just laugh and tell me that you have a confession to make. You were so hungry this morning, you shrunk and ate them all. Yes, you are a Giantess and you can shrink people. No problem if I don´t believe you, because I will be next. I will feel how it is to be shrunken and eaten alive. You use your Giantess powers to get control over me. I can´t move any more, no chance to run away. You explain to me that I only can follow your orders now. You tell me to undress, you don´t want to eat my cloth. I don´t want but I have to do it. When I am naked you have a closer look at my body. You tell me that you prefer younger victims, but between two slices of cheese I will make a good snack. You come very close to me to let me watch you chewing some cheese. This is where you go and meet your end, you tell me. While still eating some cheese you grab my cock and start to stroke it. It only takes a minute or two and your magic hand makes me cum. Now you shrink me down. You pick me up and place me on a slice of cheese. My last POV is how you look down to me and the second slice is slowly coming down on top of me (here POV ends). You eat me up with a few big bites from toe to head. At the end is a hard bite to crush my head. After you devoured me you are still hungry. You think that you should eat the rest of my family too, before you leave and look for a new foster family. END"​


Aug 7, 2002
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