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Unlocked & Shorn 2
Happy Locktober! Well, it may not be so "happy" for some slaves.

I gave slave a specific instructions. After having his body hair removed he was to keep himself cleanly shaven at all times. The other day I received a photo of how unkempt he had become. This is absolutely unacceptable! Before his arrival I share the photo, and he's not entirely sure of what's in store. Hooded and restrained, I thoroughly shave him from the neck down. My Wolford stockings and manicured nails elicit shivers and moans on his vulnerable flesh. As his chaste cock strains against the confines of his cage, I tell him about the permanent body hair removal methods that are in his immediate future. Due to his disobedience the latex hood is zipped closed. I straddle his head and make short work of removing tufts of chest hair. My lazer comes out to start the permanent hair removal process. Despite his begging I continue. It's time his chastity device also receives an upgrade...to something even more devious and restrictive.