Unspeakable scumbags have struck again


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Dec 7, 2002
Virginia US
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Some bunch of nameless bastards placed bombs at the Boston marathon destroying lives, injuring many and taking the joy out of the ceremonial day.
There are no words really to describe such acts. One can but hope that horrible vengence is meted out to them.

slave 456

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May 28, 2016
Corinth Mississippi
Boston bombing

hey wandereri certainly could'nt agree with you more.
being a demolitions man myself (two tours US NAVY seal team #5) i have seen more death and destruction in one day than most people see they're whole life.
the cowards that did the bombing used i IAD"S that were generally used to inflict maximum amount of damage not kill.
the assholes really did'nt know what they were doing.
but the bottom line here is instead of putting the guy in prison,the bastard should have had one put right in his fucking head.

gunnersmate 2nd class john cano
US NAVY seal team #5


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Aug 28, 2013
I couldn't agree more my friend. But in this day and age society in the US and the UK are too liberal-minded. It costs almost £40,000 per year to keep an arsehole in prison whereas a bullet or handman's rope is almost nothing.
I don't mean to lessen the cowardly crime of the Marathon bombers, but in our currently American Justice system, it cost a lot more to excute someone than it does is to sent them to jail for life. Thank you, 10,000 dollar appeals system.

Now if he had died in a shoot out, it wouldn't be any problem at all.