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Jan 12, 2003
Updates at http://www.feet-slave.com

Mistress O is greeted by her submissive slave girl January who drops to her knees at the presence of her Mistress and kisses on her tired legs and fish net stockings feet she's been wearing for the entire day, then she lies on her back to worship on her Mistress's soles and taste on her foot sweat (51 pics)

Video clip of Mistress Bella orders her slave to crawl over and teases him with her bare feet, but that will come at a price as she stands hard on his hands and stands on top of him while he is kneeling on all fours in front of her as she strains his back with her full weight before she allows him to place kisses on her bare feet and turns him over on the ground to lick the bottom of her soles clean before she walks full weight on his belly and rubs her soles all over his face (98 mb - 5 min 14 sec)

Video clip - Shoe Cleaning Day - Part 2 - Goddess Starla notices her slave husband Randy's cock is still erect after getting to lick her shoes, she's crushing on them to keep it down, but it seems Randy just loves it more and more as he couldn't get his erection down. She decides to take a break thinking of newer ideas, she has him put on her pair of high heels and she orders him to lie on the floor as she presses the heel of her shoes on his dick head but it seems Randy is just loving the heel torture, she decides to grant him a cum for the day as she presses the bottom on her shoes hard on his face and gives his cock a high speed hand job while he is licking the bottom of her shoes and he finally cums! Goddess Starla then wipes her shoe soles with Randy's cum and makes him lick them off the bottom of her shoes (69 mb 9 min 35 sec)
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