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Feb 22, 2011
The taste of her waste engulfed his mouth and he had to fight the urge to be sick.

Brush your tongue as well

ordered Kelly loving every second of his torment, Enjoy the taste of my special caviar, and dont you dare swallow yet.

Kelly was having so much fun, How could he possibly do that, she couldn’t think how bad it must have been for him but loved making him, forcing him to do it,

Now I want you to swallow real slowly, take your time, dont rush the flavours she laughed.

He had no choice and coughed and spluttered much to her amusement.

Kelly kept him at it for about 5 minutes before saying,

Ok thats enough, I think you need some more practice, I will see to it you get it too boy,

Meanwhile , Erin didnt send for Jamie for nearly a week , she wanted the welts on his Butt to heal a bit,

But the following week he got the order, Your on house work again today.

The thought filled him with dread,

The guard marched him around to the house.

Erin met him at the door, she looked so beautiful and kind but he knew he had to look down at all times. Even looking down he saw eautiful, the corral pink toe nails the curves of her arches. He must not lust after them

Ok Boy make a start in the kitchen. I have been very lazy this week so you have plenty to do, Get on with it

He opened the door and the kitchen sink was overflowing with plates pot and pans.

The bitch he thought, the lazy bitch

He fought the bile that was rising and got on with it,

After about two minutes Erin entered and smirked,

I have got a bell here, if you hear it ringing I need something, so listen out boy.

He worked away on the dishes first and after about twenty minutes the sound of ringing came to his ears.

He immediately trotted off ,

Erin was lying on the sofa in the main room her feet up resting on a cushion, she was wearing a summer dresss and her high heel mules.

Take my shoes off boy she casually ordered,

Couldn’t, she just kick them off herself he thought but eased them off her feet for her.

Ok your dismissed get back to work she smirked ,

She was toying with him, and he truded off back to the kitchen.

About 2 minutes after he started work the bell went again.

He ran to the main room and she ordered,

Fetch me a coffee boy.

And he had no choice.

By noon the sun was high in the sky and Erin had him serve her lunch a succulent crab salad,

Your lunch is in the Bread bin,

It consisted of a half stale roll. And some water.

Ok follow me she ordered, and took him out to the back yard.

I have some yard work for you, Take off your prison uniform and boots, I dont want you making it all dirty,

Jamie was forced to strip to his boxer shorts.

Ok come with me she ordered and he followed her to a sun lounger she slipped off her dress to reveal a tiny Bikini with a thong bottom. And a tiny top.

He couldn’t help it he gasped at her beauty,

T hats going to cost you , you are going to pay for lusting you idiot.

Now start rubbing sun cream into my back,

and she handed him the sun cream.

He tried not to think about what he was doing but she was an expert at teasing and then she ordered, now my legs,

After years in side, and no sight of a real woman this was torture. And she made sure he took his time,

When he had done creaming her to her satisfaction she ordered,

See that pile of concrete bocks over there, And she pointed at a huge pile of blocks in the far corner of the yard.

I want them moved to , over there and pointed at the opposite corner a good 50 yard away.

He could not believe it as she ordered,

An hour I think.

Oh my god he only had an hour, she must be mad it was impossible and he ran over to start.

The bocks were not overly heavy, but heavy enough, they were rough and cut into his skin. On his arms as he jogged with each block , made harder by having no boots on.

Erin was sun bathing and reading her book, She couldn’t help but watch him,

She loved watching them toil away, working his guts out for her,

It made it all the sweater knowing he could see her relaxing and taking it easy, oh how she loved to work a man.

Jamie was having to hold the blocks out at arms length or the rough concrete would cut into his chest and stomach, this made the task harder and Erin knew it, and enjoyed it.

Jamie worked like a man possessed he ran picked up a block and jogged to the other side of the yard and put it down.

Erin watched in fascination as he slogged his guts out for her in the heat. She loved that he was having to do this because of her, she stretched lazily to taunt him so he could see the difference in their status .

Jamie saw her relaxing , reading her book , the bitch , didnt she know how hard work this was , the bitch was enjoying it he wanted to strangle her but had to put those thoughts out of his mind as he toiled.

Erin was having so much fun, he must be hating every second of his labour, and she was making worse by relaxing and watching him work, she was having a great time.

After ¾ of an hour the pile of blocks was much bigger than the ones stil to be moved, Erin got up put her heels on and said,

Im off for an ice cold drink, I will be in the lounge, come and tell me when your finished.

When all his energy was spent when he had finally put the last block down he trudged into the house, a mass of sweat and exhaustion.

Erin was lying on the sofa feet up on a cushion,
Feb 7, 2011
Fantastic morris! I love the way Erin forces him to work to exhaustion while she on the other hand relaxes comfortably in the sunlounger. One of my favourite fantasies which is very similar to your story above would have to involve a prisoner being forced to toil away out in the hot sun under the threat of an overseers whip. The prisoner who would be extremely thirsty and hungry since he wouldn't be allowed any food or water would be forced to work close to a group of sexy young girls who are all relaxing on sunloungers while freely drinking cold drinks and eating nice food while watching him work. They would deliberately taunt him by eating and drinking in front of him while also stretching out lazily just like Erin did to Jamie before telling the overseer that they didn't think the prisoner was working hard enough and should be whipped to make him go faster. The overseer who would be a big burly man would start whipping him to impress the girls while they laid on their loungers giggling at his misery. So thanks again for a great story and I hope you continue with more themes just like the ones above.
Feb 22, 2011
Thank you for your positive comments toiletman80. I love situations where women work men whilst they relax. I have been lucky enough to experience this with a Serbian woman called leala. She wanted a large vegetable patch dug in her garden from scrub land and I joked I would do it for her as long as she was my oversear from a sun lounger. I thought she wouldnt go for it but she did. I asked if she could be really bossy and she laughed and said no problem.
I loved it seeing her lounging on a sun lounger looking gorgeous in a bikini, ( it was a warm spring / summer day) as I worked away. She would shout at me to work harder and stop being lazy. She didnt whip me or anything but it was still great. And she really enjoyed it and laughed a lot at me , which I liked.
She was very pretty and had beautiful feet, which I could see as I toiled away. as I re,member but it was in 1992