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Dec 24, 2002
There is a discussion tread where people can ask technincal questions they wonder about. And there someone asked why they use 115V in Usa when in Europe we use 220(or 230)V, and as one who knows these things says; that it saves much energy while low volt gives a lot of loss in energy. Well, I dont know. But do they know this in the US, and will they like to do something with these things? That was one of my questions, and a reply was like this, I translated it in google and tried to fix it as best I could:

Yes, you're right, much of the network in *scandinavia* is converted to 400V now, and to get 230V you can only record the voltage between phase and earth rather than between two phases. Phase to earth with 400V and phase voltage / sqrt ( 3) = ~ 231V . 400V is not random :)

In the United States it could be done the same, but gone for 200V distribution network instead. This alone would have reduced the power dissipated by a factor of three and the only drawback is that they had taken out the tension in distribution cabinets in the house between phase and earth , and no two phases.

For all I know it could well be that they are already doing it that way ...

There are many solutions they could have chosen, but low voltage gives higher power dissipation and higher cable area .

One may also wonder why they still use 60Hz AC power, as was much of the reason we had to have two different technologies (PAL / NTSC) TV broadcasts and DVDs and, before flat screens finally came. It would in any case have been a simple matter to switch ...

But on the other hand, to count they still use silly devices right up to university education there:

"How many feet and Thumbs is your height? I weigh Four stones and fourteen gravel, and my gas tank holds fourteen pitchers and two cups of gasoline ..."

Madness ....
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Dec 7, 2002
Virginia US
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I am entirely clueless about this matter. I just plug stuff in hit the switch and it either works or it doesn't
Long ago I had extensive technical training in the Navy and in order to bamboozle the Russians we spoke of various fuze triggers as so many micro-oranges. Deep eh?
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Apr 28, 2006
"How many feet and Thumbs is your height? I weigh Four stones and fourteen gravel, and my gas tank holds fourteen pitchers and two cups of gasoline ..."

Madness ....[/COLOR]
Wow. How do you get 14 pitchers into one tank? And can they still throw properly when you release them??
Jul 11, 2002
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smh. wow talk about strange descriptions... they use gallons, not pitchers, the british, not americans, use the stone/pounds conversion, and feet/inches is actually still fairly universal - the japanese and chinese still use it for many measurements, for example.

that seriously seems like a mishmash of systems and random measurements thrown together, without regard to the SYSTEM involved in using them...

btw, for those really confused, a standard imperial pitcher is 64 ounces, which is 5 pints and a bit, or 8 glasses, so two pitchers to a gallon.