Vore Horror - My FAVORITE Giantess Vore Release yet.


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Jan 16, 2017
If you're a fan of my giantess vore videos, then this is a MUST SEE as it is a personal favorite of mine due to the time that went into the creative process of mapping out this clip and bringing it to life.

This is the first release of a giantess "horror" series I will be producing and can't wait to see blossom as I come up with story lines and direction for each piece of the overall puzzle. The quality of my POV Giantess/Vore content is only expanding, are you ready to be apart of the growth? (Well, at least on my part seeing as how you'll only end up getting smaller as time goes on...)

Featuring: SFX Digestion sound effects, booming foot steps, ambient horror/spooky music in the beginning intro to set the tone, bright & vibrant mouth shots, and angles to sink you deeply into the size space you've been searching for.

Your best friend has been missing for hours now, which is unlike them. Especially the fact that their last message sent to you had their location information. When you find your friends car stranded in a random neighborhood you immediately become alarmed, not seeing a trace of them. Walking up to the door of where their car was parked out in front of, you know; feeling your pulse in your throat as you wonder who will answer. You feel a breath of relief escape your lips and a tightening in your jeans as you scan up and down at the red lipped beauty that answers the door. She's sporting a top that exposes her belly, and sparkling shorts; her appearance seeming harmless and her tone expressing concern as she informs you of "hoodlums" that have been about the area and hoping your friend didn't confront them in passing by. She suggests you come inside so that you both may figure it out together. Once inside, you nestle into the leather sofa in her living room as she towers over you, suddenly rubbing her exposed belly as she speaks. She asks if you'd like something to eat to settle your nerves since she herself in starving, and for some reason your mind hangs on these words and watches as she licks her lips. Suddenly you feel the press of a cloth, gripping around your lips and nose and your vision begins to haze. Though before you slip under into darkness you hear a soft voice speaking about some sort of shrinking powder you just ingested, Shrinking powder? Impossible, you truly must be dreaming...

Though this isn't a dream, this is a real life nightmare as you learn of the whereabouts of your friend and what this now, gargantuan woman has in store for you. This, is a vore horror tale you will have to see for yourself.

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