Vore Reality


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Jan 16, 2017


(This is a custom video fantasy brought to life, no specific name used. To order your own email: raquel roper xxx @ gmail.com *remove spaces*.)
This clip features: POV, Giantess Vore, Shrinking, Burping, Eating, Chewing, Digestion Talk, Saliva, Uvula/Mouth Shots, Swallowing.

Customer's Script/Request:
"You're really a natural at it, and it's been so thrilling seeing you come at it from your own unique angle. I sat down and wrote up the overview a few days ago, so let me paste it here so you can review it... Shot entirely in POV. The viewer hears a knock at their door and goes to answer. Seeing Raquel there, she casually asks if she can come in to talk to him about something. Once she's inside, she immediately can tell that he recognizes her. He buys her giantess vore clips, and fantasizes about being shrunken and swallowed alive.

But he didn't think any of it was real, let alone that Raquel would actually come straight to his door and literally hunt him down! To her amusement, he's terrified. He's well aware of what she is there to do. She taunts him but also teases him with views of her mouth and tongue. When she thinks maybe he's not scared enough, she holds her fingers in a snapping shape, denoting that at the snap of her fingers she can reduce him to a swallowable size.

Using this threat to induce more fear, she then has him take her to the kitchen, where she tells him to get her some food and something to drink. From here, we watch as she continues to taunt, eating and swallowing in front of him. About mid-way through eating, she tells him that it's time. Holding up her fingers again, she snaps and shrinks him down.

Now in giantess form, she shows off her full towering scale for a short bit, before slowly and dramatically reaching down for him. She brings him up her face, but not after slowly panning up her body. She continues to eat and drink and burp while holding him closer to her face. Her taunting takes a dark tone when she reveals that she's not just a woman with a shrinking power. But that she's a true giantess, with the sole purpose of eating every last human possible. Humans are nothing but food to her, and belong to her belly. She then eats him as well, like all the others before and after.

Overall tone with this should be that Raquel is well aware that he's fascinated, but never thought it would be a reality and now she's hunted him down and has to face a man-eating giantess in person.

I'm thinking perhaps 10 minutes would work. Please don't be shy about any questions, clarifications and such. You're so good with direction, I'm happy to provide any information you'd need!"​