What is your ultimate toilet fantasy?


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Feb 7, 2011
Lets say that if you could have any toilet fantasy you ever dreamed of come true then what would it be?

What sort of scenario would take place in it?

What style of toilet would you prefer to be under, such as long drop outhouse, port a potty, squat toilet or a custom made toilet that many scat mistress's use so your mouth is only inches from her asshole and ready to catch whatever she drops down into it?

Would you eat whatever she dropped into your mouth immediately or would you simply be happy letting it drop down onto your face with your mouth closed?

In your fantasy would you be forced to become a girls toilet against your will as a form of humiliation and punishment or is it something you would happily do of your own free will and take it as an honour to be able to please your mistress in that way?

Would you rather be used by just one mistress or many using you one after the other and would you prefer to know the girl or girls using you or would you rather have a complete stranger standing over your face ready to sit down and use you as a toilet?

and lastly would you like to lick clean your mistress after she has used you as her toilet or simply have her using toilet paper to clean herself up with when she's done?

Thanks to anyone who replies, I'll be looking forward to hearing what your fantasy's are. I'm thinking of writing another toilet story soon to so it would be good having a few new ideas from your fantasy's to help me decide what to put in it.
But to answer my own post, my ultimate toilet fantasy would have to be being used by many many girls that I don't know at something like an outdoor music festival which only have old outhouse style toilets, just like the ones they have at the Glastonbury music festival in the below picture.
I like the idea of being forced to be a toilet against my will so the scenario would go something like this, I try picking up a girl at the music festival but she just laughs at me and to humiliate me even more she tips her drink over my head in front of her girlfriends who are laughing at me also.
This causes me to get angry and give her a light shove which causes her to lose her balance slightly but it's enough to make her start screaming at me which makes security come over to see what all the commotion is about.
It turns out she is going out with one of the security guards who grabs me in a headlock and is just about to start punching me when the girl I shoved tells him to stop and begins telling him she has a better idea and tells him to drag me over to the women's toilet block which he does.
She then tells him to shove me down the toilethole and with me being a skinny little runt I fall down into the waste pit easily.
She then laughs at me trapped down in the stinky pit below and tells me it's where a pathetic little worm like me belongs and begins pulling down her jeans and sitting on the toilet above me and dropping her waste ontop of my face. When she's finished her girlfriends then use the toilet in the same way as she did.

I'm not really into swallowing the scat but I guess if I was forced into a situation where I had no choice then I'd swallow what I could, but as for licking clean a mistress once she's finished, I don't like the idea of ever touching a mistress if she's using you as her human toilet, because I like to think if your being treated as her toilet then your just that, a toilet, which is not worthy of ever touching her and I like the idea that the closet you'll ever get to her is having her shit on your face or in your mouth. But that's just my opinion. Below is the outhouse toilet at the Glastonbury music festival which sort of ties into my fantasy.

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Mar 2, 2013
Honestly, my ultimate toilet fantasy is actually something I don't want to experience in real-life, due to its state of permanency and high risk of death. As such, I will talk about it but also provide an alternative that I would try in reality.

The strictly-fantasy one involves me being a literal public toilet in a woman's restroom. Preferably in a college or something. I'd be installed beneath the floor of the bathroom, with my head just under one of the toilets. The toilet itself would have received modification removing its flush system, and instead, having a pipe lead from the bowl downwards. That pipe would be fixed in place to my mouth. As such, all the waste pretty much falls right down into my mouth for me to swallow (my mouth is now the flush system), while the toilet looks exactly the same up top to provide comfort for the girls using it (I imagine for any woman who isn't a domme, using a human toilet would be a very awkward affair). I'd be placed there forever, until I died. So I would be about as completely 100% of a toilet as you could really turn a human into. As a bonus, I'd like to have some kind of camera in the restroom, with the video in front of my face so I get to see who is using me, though that would be wishful thinking at best, haha.

As for why I wouldn't want to experience that in real-life, well, for one it's permanent. I have other interests in my life besides femdom, so I wouldn't want a full, 24/7 commitment. Secondly, it would be a short life. You could die of disease or choking pretty quick. I've read that vitamin pills can help reduce the disease risk, not sure how viable that is, but the choking is still a huge issue. All it takes is for one girl to send down a massive load that can't be swallowed and then bam, choked to death. Or if many girls use it in rapid succession, you could just be overloaded. Then there's the further risk of vomiting it up, which again, could lead to choking. It'd be far too dangerous, even if it was simply temporary. Makes for one hell of a fantasy/story though.

For a fantasy I would like to experience is kinda basic. A simple case of being locked up in a girls bathroom, possibly in some kind of custom-made toilet box, and used over the course of a weekend or so. Maybe get used by a couple of her friends perhaps. That way, it's a little safer because she could check on me and make sure I'm doing okay. It's more personal than a public toilet situation, or one where you are removed from sight of the users. So yeah, tied in place and used as a toilet from Friday afternoon to late Sunday would be an awesome fantasy. I'd try my best to get everything down: piss, feces, snot, vomit. Whatever. As much as I hate blood, I'd even do my best with tampons if it happens to be that time of month. Ideally, toilet slaves shouldn't be able to pick and choose how they're used and it's somewhat exciting to be forced to do something you don't like by someone you've submitted to. Or at least I imagine so, I'm not actually experienced yet :eek:.

In any case, both situations has me volunteering for it. I absolutely love the idea of toilet femdom, so yeah. Obviously, there are limits though, and 24/7 service is most definitely that limit. I might possibly extend the duration to a full week, perhaps, if I trusted the woman I submitted to. That would be hot as well.

So yeah, the real-life fantasy is a little more generic, sorry to say. I guess our imagined fantasies just have no limits what so ever, so we can afford to be a bit more crazy with them :D.
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Feb 7, 2011
Wow great fantasy! Thanks for sharing SadVarant.
I think being a permanent toilet in an all girls college would have to be right up there as one of my all time favorite fantasy's as well and being forced to swallow anything they drop down the pipe into your mouth without having any say in it just like a normal toilet sounds super hot but like you said there's a big difference between fantasy and reality and if you did become a fulltime toilet in real life then I don't think you'd be around for to long but I guess on the plus side it would be a pretty cool way to go out.:D
Mar 2, 2013
Haha, well said man. If, for whatever reason, I was sentenced to death and got to choose my means of execution, then hell, I'd totally go for that. :thumbsup:


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Aug 8, 2004
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I'd like to be used as a novice toilet for a group 8-9 women shooting a scat video. Only I can't take it... I start to puke up after the first one but I'm tied down and they don't care and just keep stuffing the shit back in.


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Dec 6, 2004
Hi ToiletMan80

My ultimate fantasy would be to end up permanently under the ladies toilet like in your story "Human toilet storie" or "Japanese squat toilet storie".
Fixated so I couldn't move or touch the asses about me, but see the assas that is about to shit on my face...until the shit piles up and covers my eyes.
Maybe they tricked me to get under the toilet like in SiCiAiT's story "A Bad Dream Became Worst".
It could be that I meet some ladies on one of my many business trips.
We go out to some discos in a foreign country and at some point we go past a old no longer in use punishment toilet.
A little unsure of that it is they ask me to get in it, maybe so they can get some pictures.
They think it could be fun just to leave me where for the night and turn the sign on their they out just for fun.
Then they come back the next day they find out that the punishment toilet really got used while they were gone.
They find it so exacting that they decide to just use me themselfs and just leave me where forever....

I also have a fantasy about being buried up to the nick in the sand on the beach (hopefully not to close to the waterline at low tide....could be quite scary)
and get used as the ladies toilet just because I can't get free like in my "Stuck at the Beach" story or miami_fa's story "The Bucket"

I really love stories about it, but I know a position as a permanent toilet is not a ting to wish for in real life.
But it could be fun to experience it for a limit time, like a maybe a month.

ToiletMan80 I really like your music festival toilet idea and that picture shows the perfect place :)
I the idea so much that I did wrote a music festival toilet story my self.

For a fantasy I would like to experience is kinda basic. A simple case of being locked up in a girls bathroom, possibly in some kind of custom-made toilet box, and used over the course of a weekend or so. Maybe get used by a couple of her friends perhaps.
Hi SadVarant
I know the pefect box for that :)
I have serve as a toilet for a lady for a whole week.
She had a coffin-shaped box that I slept in doing each night.
It had a hole over my face which she used for all her toilet needs.
Where just isn't anything better then wake up with a nice ass in your face :)

I'd like to be used as a novice toilet for a group 8-9 women shooting a scat video. Only I can't take it... I start to puke up after the first one but I'm tied down and they don't care and just keep stuffing the shit back in.
Hi Sauur
I have served 10 girls twice.
I start to puke after number 7, but that didn't stop them.
They just force the rest in me anyway...
It was a tough but fun experience.
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Feb 7, 2011
Thanks for your comments, it's great reading what your fantasy's are! and DK it sounds like we both have the same tastes when it comes to scat fantasy's.
For me there's nothing hotter than being fixed under a ladies toilet, facing up with noway to move while seeing a girls sexy ass slowly lower itself down onto the toilet seat above you as she begins to uncaringly shit ontop of your face as if your just a regular toilet. To me the objectification factor of that is simply awesome as she sit's on the toilet seat above and completely ignores you while her shit piles up on top of your face, she knows your under there but couldn't care less because to her your just a regular toilet who would never be worthy enough to ever touch or speak to her and you know having her shit on you is the closet you'll ever be able to get to her.


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Sep 1, 2009
Wausau, WI
Here are pictures of my box

As you can see this box dose not let you move your head to much. The cushion makes you almost level to the toilet seat. So when she sits, she pushes my head into the cushion but I don't feel the wight on my face but her asshole is firmly in my mouth the whole time. With the box altogether there is no way to pull my head out unless she gets up and looses the bolts.
As you can see I have some leds inside and a computer fan to bring air in when needed, but the switch is outside the box so she has control over it. The ramp just holds my back up so my mouth is up to level. It gives my neck a little angle for swallowing. The box is heavy being made out of oak and the black is that spray paint that they use to spray around skylights and things to get a water proof seal.
The box is the same height as a toilet 18" and the toilet seat is same size as a regular toilet seat.

Forgot the worst part of this box is that there is noway out until she lets you and no way to turn your head. So this could be a great snuff box.
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Mar 2, 2013
DK_Face. I actually dig that coffin design. I think it's better if the guy's body is completely concealed, leaving only the face visible (which can be covered by the toilet lid). It looks odd and out of place for a body to just protrude from a toilet box all exposed, not to mention I doubt the woman using it (in most cases) would want to see a naked dude's body at her feet as she is using the toilet. So keeping it covered in a full-body box or coffin is the best outcome, I think.


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Feb 7, 2011
Being a toilet slave for an entire family would have to be another good fantasy of mine as well sniffit2.
The family that I picture in this would have to be a very rich and arrogant family that are completely stuckup and always have to have the best of everything while also despising and hating the poor who they class as inferior to them and think of them as nothing but slaves to use and abuse for their own enjoyment and that's where I come in.
I'm a poor homeless man with no money who just lost his job which in turn forced me to lose my wife who left me for a better and richer man while making sure she took every last bit of my of my savings with her as well which left me with nothing.
I'm cold and hungry and forced to live on the street until one day a very expensive limousine pulls up to me and the window comes down revealing an extremely attractive blond haired lady about 40 years old and her equally attractive twin girls who are about 18 sitting beside her.
The mother tells me about a job on offer back at their family mansion and gives me a fresh pair of clothes to change into and then tells me to hop into the limo and she'll explain what the new job is on the way there.
They offer me a drink of champagne during the journey which I gladly accept however little do I know the drink is actually drugged and before I realise whats happening it's to late and I'm unconscious.
When I regain my senses again and begin waking up I automatically notice I can't move any part of my body with my head, arms and legs all strapped down tightly with my entire body seemingly stuck somehow under a floor. There's no light coming in from anywhere so everything's dark so I have no idea whats going on.
After afew more minutes of confusion a lid is lifted up above my head which causes light to come streaming in above me and it's then that I realise I'm looking straight underneath the rim of a toiletbowl but that's not the most shocking surprise that I get because there's also a pulley device which is attached to my mouth so as soon as the toilet lid is pulled up it forces my mouth wide open and prevents me from closing and vice versa when the lid is shut I can't open my mouth so whatever is dropped into it I would be forced to swallow.
Just then the mother comes into view though the toilethole above me and begins telling me that I'm now the new family toilet slave because the last homeless man they were using as a toilet couldn't take all the family waste and ended up dying which makes the cruel blond lady start laughing.
She tells me this is now my new permanent home and my only purpose in life from now on is to eat all of her family's waste but this also includes any of her rich friends which come to visit and any of her young daughters friends who decide to sleepover for the night and want to use me as well.
She finishes off by telling me that the men of the family have their own human toilet in the next room which only they use so I will only be used by the females of the house.
I then watch on in horror as she starts lifting up her expensive dress infront of my shocked eyes and starts lowering herself down onto the seat and begins shitting into my forced opened mouth.
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Oct 20, 2011
all above fantasy are good, i could not be a toilet in reality as i would throw up, how ever the music festival does sound good having seen women going into the bushes quite shamlesly to piss and shit during one festival, i imagine being grabbed and forced to the ground by a group of girls who have seen me watching them, they tie me to the bushes so i cant escape and told that since i was watching them going to the toilet i was now going to be there toilet and they would use me as and when they wanted, at the end of the concert i would be on the floor with them standing on me for a better view, then taken back to the camp site where i would be bound on the floor again to be their toilet
Jan 5, 2009
At a fetish party I confide in a cute girl all about my foot fetishes and my toilet fantasies and she seems so interested and encourages me to tell her more. As I get a bit drunker, I begin to get really explicit, saying more than I should about my most secret sub-human desires to become a toilet and a urinal. Some of her friends come by, both men and women, and she introduces them, but I'm far too gone to focus clearly on any names or faces. I do hear her telling them that I have the most interesting fantasies, and she openly proclaims to anyone who wants to hear that I desire to be a toilet for all comers. I stupidly agree. As shocked as I am to hear her tell my secrets, I verify her statements openly, to some of the most elegant of partygoers. They look at me with interest and amusement and offer possible scenarios for the realization of my fantasies. I start to explain that this all is just a fantasy of mine, not something I could ever . . . but my voice becomes weak, my limbs are leaden. I'm vaguely aware of a pinch in my neck, as if something sharp had just stabbed me.

My eyes hurt. I cannot close them. There is a light in the ceiling and I have apparently been staring into it for some time, eyes wide open, and unconscious. My vision has now returned. My mouth is dry and it too is wide open. I cannot close it. I cannot move a single muscle. I am not bound, though I am certain that I am naked. The tile floor beneath my back is cold and unyielding. My head hurts, but I am not drunk, nor do I have a hangover. "You never drank any alcohol, you know." says a familiar voice. The cute girls face flies into my view upside down from behind me, which is to say, from my view on my back, she came in from the top of my head. She is still fully dressed. "It's a two-part drug. The drinks contained the part that emulated alcohol, the needle contained the part that knocked you out." She smiles pleasantly. I cannot speak. I cannot utter a sound. I am trying like hell, but I can do nothing! "You might have noticed that you are paralyzed. None of your voluntary muscles will move. Kinda like the ultimate Botox."

She pulls her dress over her head revealing a perfect little body with tiny rounded titties and a smooth shaved pussy. Without further comment, she sits down, one stiletto on each side of my head, putting her cunny square over my mouth. Her urine flows immediately and runs into my mouth. I panic. I'll drown! I can't swallow! Yet, the liquid flows smoothly into my belly. "It's a plastic tube down your esophagus" she offers, anticipating my anxiety, "and two more in your nose heading for your lungs. You probably can't feel them, but that's all the plumbing required to turn a person into a functional toilet." Her explanation continues, "You can always breathe, no matter what's shoved down your throat, and you'll never refuse anything placed there. Your eyes are open so you can always see what's happening to you. When they get dry, someone will piss in them to moisten them."

She adjusts her seat, now that she is done urinating and places her anus in the center of my open mouth. She balances her entire body on my open jaw, drawing her delicate and shapely legs inward and hugging them with her arms, placing her head on her knees. All her weight is balanced on my lips, her stiletto heels just an inch from my eyes. I feel the push as her anus distorts and the fat turd slides smoothly and effortlessly from her body to mine, sliding down my throat and entering my stomach so I can truly cherish this offering. I find gratitude overwhelming me as this creature concludes her defecation. She reaches into my mouth with her fingers and pulls up my tongue. Using it's tip, she cleans any shitty residue from her rosebud, unfolds her body and again, stands. She stands smiling at me and releases a squirt of urine into my eyes. Again, I am thankful. There is a sudden knock at the door. It's a male voice. "Are you done in there yet? Everybody's waiting. We all have got to go!"

Her gaze never leaves mine as she calls out, "I'm done. You're next. Hold your horses." Then she addresses me again, "How wonderful that you get to realize your deepest desires. I'll be back to give you another shot before this one wears off by tomorrow night. Have fun. There are just dozens of people out there and no other restroom in the place. In a way, I envy you."

With that she turns and opens the door. "Well about time" says that same male voice, "there's a line out here for crying out loud." Then he appears in my view in a flurry of zippers and trousers coming down.
Jan 15, 2015
My favourite fantasy is being married to a mature lady which made me sign a paper to make me depend on her. she takes away my passports and money and everything else. She is not pretty, little overweight and likes heavy rubber clothing, rubber boots and masks. She is very rich so she made a special room for me behind her room.
Before signing the papers she told me that she does not want to have ever sex with me and that i will never see her naked in any case. She said that she will train me to be her toilet slave and that there is no hurry to do so but that will be not be discussed. She said that she will do that i a lovely way.
But when i got in her house and in that special room i am tricked into a stocking device and then she showed me her other side. Training begins instantly she said but not shitting directy in my mouth. There is a hole in the floor through which she will let her messy turds fall down on me and i will not see her when doing this.
But for the training purpose she takes a diaper and take a big dump in it, applies a ring gag in my mouth and then puts the diaper around my head and pushes the shit in my mouth and my nose. I had to be in that diaper for only three hours at the beginning of my training.
By leaving me she says that from that moment on she will never use any toilet again and all of her excrements are for my treatment.


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Feb 22, 2011
I would want to be forced to be the toilet slave to two very beautiful but merciless blonde women such as Claudia schiffer and the actress Sammy Winward.
They would force me into a toilet box and make me be their toilet slave.
Both would thoroughly enjoy the situation and encourage each other to be totally mean to me.
They would take it in turns to kick and squeese my unprotected balls to force me to comply with their demands so I would have no choice but to take what ever they gave me.
Saying things like ( In a mocking taunting voice )
If you eat it all up I will stop squeesing your balls. Ha Ha Ha
And, dont put yourself through all that pain and suffering. Just eat it all and the nasty squeesing will stop. You know you will have to eat it any way. why suffer so much first.
Again in a mocking tone with both ladies giggling at my plight.

Every so often they would give me false hope by letting me grovel and beg them for mercy. They would tell me that if I grovelled sufficiently and begged convincingly they would release me.
I would grovel and crawl. Lick their shoes. lick the perspiration from their nylon and bare feet, all whilst grovelling as hard as I could.
Claudia and Sammy would really enjoy this and laugh at me but also lead me to believe I was doing well.
At the end they would announce I wasn't sufficiently grovelling, and take great delight in securing me back in the toilet box. They would then leave me to go for a large meal which they would take great delight in forcing me to consume later.
Lots of laughing , taunting from them as I suffer my fate.
They would take great delight in showing me no mercy what so ever.
Sep 25, 2014
I lke stories like the eddie storie . Where domain wthwomen are nice but crul when they needto go. They hav3 a toliet design thats way more amazing than a coffin. Everybody likes a storie that makes it slow a draws a picture of a fanstay storie. But are mind likes that smell of a beauiful women to shit sometime is a mind game of thebeaiful art of her langues at the time your taste buds dont taste the shit if your mind is focust of you words and passion. But shit is gross and bad when you look at your own shit. Because it not a womens and she has a power to draw your mind to eat it beause its like you are getting a piece of her ender body. Making. Like she owns your stomack as her peroperity.