Willow Facesits Two Guys

Hi Guys

Here are a few stills taken from our latest video at www.LethalBitches.com in which Willow ties up and gags Symon and forces him to watch while she facesits and wrestles his friend Andrew, before sitting on his face as well! The mean girl didn't even take off his tape gag before she sat on his face, so he had no chance of breathing whatsoever...

Hope you like the pics! I'm not sure either of the guys enjoyed the experience too much - Willow is a very stong lady and put them through the wringer a bit! :D


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Aug 13, 2002
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Wow! Thank you mistress nicola you certainly know how to make a saturday afternoon special!

What lucky guys they are....I'm sure they'd be back..willow is a hottie!

Keep up the good work!