Win A Private Session With Mistress Vicious

Jul 6, 2009
Being as a new mistress producing clips, I am happy with the support I have received so far and have had a lot of fans/customers i m me and ask me about sessions. Well for all you slaves out there that like brutal/forced facesitting I am going to offer a deal for one lucky sub. I keep track of all clips bought and from who from my sites and the person that supports my work more than anyone else is going to win a private session with me:bugeyes:. We will fly you to Texas and put you up in a hotel and your session will be filmed if you want it to be or if you dont it wont be. If you have anymore questions you can i m me or email me at


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Jul 21, 2006
Hey, I live in Austin

You look great! I am interested in volunteering my time in videos, you wouldn't happen to live in Austin would you? Or know someone producing videos in Austin?


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Aug 8, 2004
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Question -

Do you do sessions? I'm in San Antonio and sometimes travel to Houston and I would definitely be interested in a session with you!
Nov 5, 2006
are you anywhere near houston? I fly through there at times and can support your business and have you enjoy me as another smother toy for videos. I have had the idea of passing out but not sure if i could go through with it but would enjoy being pushed to the limit.

Email me if interested

I realize its about buying your vids so will look to do but love the panick ones invloving all types of smothering
Nov 5, 2006
just bought 2 of the vids haven't watched them yet just in process of downloading. Happy to support great facesitting and smothering, happy to also be in the vids. Have done amatuer ones and enjoyed making them! email when time to the address in the last post