Wonder Woman and the Tracker

Jan 1, 2003
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The Tracker was making a good living, ever since he got spliced with some Dog DNA, he had developed some keen instincts.
His energy had gone up, his hearing was acute, his sense of smell was strong and he was always so horny.
Robert had always been a bit shy, never getting the girl, always taken advantage of, but that changed.
The Joker had injected him at the lab intending to kill him, when breaking in to get some drugs.
The next stage would have been a monkey, but red tape was hard, the joker had taken the next step for them.
His physiology changed and he became stronger, more muscular and got a bigger penis.
He first noticed he could hear conversations in the next room, and then he could smell and literally follow a scent.
He could smell the clothes of someone and found them hours later, amazing.
Feeling more confident, he tried it on with a couple of cute girls and succeeded.
He was told he had an amazing tongue and worked wonders on the female sex.
Insatiable sexual appetites came next, he felt horny all day, all the time and it didn’t take much to get him going.
The next thing was to earn more money and his new talents worked well.
He could find anyone, so started out small, but then soon earned a reputation and got jobs to find criminal witnesses, people in protection, high level targets.
Once found he would give the information to his customers of their whereabouts.
They had named him The Tracker!
3 senators, 2 Mafia witnesses and 1 corrupt Politician had been found and exposed, then eliminated.
His next target was to find Batman, he did, but Batman got the upper hand.
Batman offered him the chance to make amends or face years in prison.
He would have to prove his worth, and he would never be let loose again.
Being half dog, he sought an owner, someone to be loyle to.
Robert agreed reluctantly and asked what he would have to do.
Batman sent him to Wonderwoman!!

Wonderwoman read the note again:

Dear Diana,

I have sent over Robert for you to train, he got spliced with some dog DNA.
He has a strong sense of smell, acute hearing, and a lot of energy.
Unfortunately he has done some bad things and needs to be trained.
He could become a good manservant for you, like Alfred does for me.
He just needs some help, to understand his place in the pack, find a pack leader.
Punish him as required in any way you see fit.
I’ll leave it up to you as to the how, but I’m sure there will be some perks.
If he runs, I’ve told him he will be tracked down and serve life in a tough male prison.
The choice is serve you or be some male’s bitch.
I’ve taken the liberty of dropping off him at your estate in the country, he is currently chained up in shed.
I also got you some things for you which might help, he is a bit feisty at the moment.
I have also told him your first name.


She couldn’t believe what Bruce had done, she had just broken a drugs ring.
A little break could help, but not training some boy.
She removed her Wonder Woman outfit, left her tights on, grabbed a patterned summer dress and squeezed her feet into her thigh high black leather boots.
Taking the Mercedes she drove to her residence in southern France.
It was a fine house, with 8 bedrooms, a large comfortable living room and country kitchen.
In the one of the rooms was a large travel case, she opened it and took a rummage.
She found a 2 foot whip, a dog collar, a 3 foot lead a 10 foot chain lead, a suit of leather that looked like shorts and a vest in one, and it also had 2 rings on the back and sides.
A further rummage produced some leather mittens that had to be worn with a fist, no room to open up your fingers, some ankle cuffs and a leather gag.
Several dog bowls, loads of padlocks, rope, chains and small leather straps were also found.
She held up a Chastity device and gates of hell cock strap, she laughed at these.
There was also a gag, strong tape and a face dildo, again she laughed.
There were also several boxes of bondage frames, chairs, and other useful things.
They had to be assembled, all in good time.
Would she need all this, what was Bruce thinking? Did he have a warped mind?
She unlocked the door to the shed.
He had been waiting, having heard the car arrive.
“Hello Robert, it seems I have been lumbered with you.”
“Diana, about time, I’m starved, what’s for dinner?”
“You are to be trained by me, do you know who I am?”
“Yes you are Wonder woman, a Goddess with incredible strength amongst other attributes.”
He eyed her sexually, homing in her fine body.
The house needed a dust, she was also hungry and wanted a shower.
“How do you see this relationship going?”
“Diana, I’m good in bed and ready 10 times a day, can give oral sex like you’ve never had before, I’d also love to massage that fine body of yours. So whenever you want, give me a shout and we can get it on. Although at the moment you need a shower! And as I said before, any chance of some food?”
Wonderwoman took a step back in shock.
She now realised why all the restraints, cheeky little puppy she thought.
“Well my little puppy looks like need some training in respect, manners and generally how to conduct yourself, if you are to be my servant!”
“Puppy? I’m The Tracker Diana, and training in respect, fuck you, now where is my food.”
He went to push past her, she stunned him with one quick blow, and he went down in a crumpled heap.
She lifted him up and took him inside the house.
After some thought, she stripped him and put him into the leather bondage suit.
Then she balled his fists and slapped the mittens around each hand.
She then tied his ankles to his back, preventing him from standing up.
Lastly she attached the collar, stood back and smiled.
Bruce was a pain in the ass, and this would be a challenge, but possibly rewarding as well.
She had never had the chance to observe a man sexually or had any interesting sexual encounters.
Puppy would give her some much needed education and was a fine specimen.
He was ripped, lean and good looking, his nerdy days were over.
So how to train him, he had a strong sense of smell, this could be used to make him smell unpleasant things, she laughed.
She remembered back to when she was young around 12, her bare feet in leather boots all day.
When she took them off, the smell was so vinergary, so much so she undertook to washing her feet straight away in a bowl of flowered water.
There were times she remembered where she was rushed, had over trained and had no time to bathe.
Her leather boots and armour would come off, a quick change into a dress, and sandals.
Then she would rush to the hall for feast time, it happened every night, a relaxing feast of food and drink, everyone in order of rank, she sat next to her mother as the Princess and on her left would be the second in command of the army.
Within five minutes of sitting her mother would look at her, with a grimace, and shake her head.
She had caught a whiff of her feet at the feast table and was not amused.
Laughing she remembered her casual shrug, as though to say sorry.
Like a new horse, they needed to be ridden until they broke, she would break the tracker.
He had a good tongue, again it could be used to detrimental advantage.
She opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass, sat back and put her booted feet up on a foot stool.
He came too after around an hour, Diana had been relaxing, thinking and laughing to herself.
“You fucking bitch, what the fuck am I wearing, get this shit off me.”
He went to stand, and suddenly realised he could only kneel at the moment.
“Come on, what is going on?”
“As I said, you need some training.”
She stood up and wrapped him her lasso, and then sat down.
“Okay so, first of all you will call me Goddess in all instances, if you disobey me you will be punished, if you are good you will be rewarded.”
“I’m not calling you Goddess, and it depends on what you want me to do, to whether I disobey or not, and if I’m good, I’m not 5 you know.”
“Well if I’m happy with your progress we shall continue, if I not then it will be a male prison.”
“This isn’t right, what do you expect me to do?”
“Okay, some questions, what can you smell?”
Robert was about 10 feet away from her. The lasso kicked in.
“I can smell your sweat, the leather of your boots and a hint of deodorant.”
Wow he could smell her sweat from there, strong sense of smell indeed.
Now relaxed, she crossed one leg and unzipped her boot, then repeated this with her other one.
She moaned softly as she freed her feet from the leather boots, she stretched her toes and ran her hands under each arch, it felt good.
She sat back down and put her feet back up on the foot stool.
“What about now?”
“I can smell your feet, they are very sweaty, heady with a hint of leather.”
“A pleasant smell?”
“Not at all pleasant, cheesy and very irritating.”
Wonderwoman laughed at this.
“Do I turn you on, am I sexually attractive to you?”
“Yes you are, incredibly sexy and I’m struggling to think of anything else.”
She noticed the bulge in his leather shorts and smiled wickedly.
“Well there will be no sex for you, and relief will come if I deem it, the mittens will prevent you anyway, but I have other ways of preventing you.”
“But Diana, come on.”
She then stood up and untied his ankles from his back and put the gag on him.
The lasso was re-tied around his ankles and his wrists were secured to the side of the bondage suit.
Then she pushed him into position with his head at her feet.
After admiring her work she sat back down and crossed her fine legs.
“Now puppy you need punishment for swearing, failure several times to call me Goddess and being less than respectful.”
Robert shook his head and whimpered.
“I think you can become better acquainted with my toes, I shall rest them on your face whilst I contemplate what to do with you next.”
Diana uncrossed her fit strong legs and edged a foot forward, until her toes enveloped his nose.
Her feet smelt of nylon with a strong vinergary scent.
There was also a hint of leather to add to the savory mixture of air, he was now forced to breathe in.
Diana smiled at his lamented attempt to struggle away from her.
We're her feet really that bad, a torture so ingenious it was actually making him suffer.
Surely not, no way, they were only nylon covered toes, that had been in boots, for what a couple of hours.
Still, puppy whimpered, struggled and ultimately failed to get away from them.
Diana sat back and allowed it's brother to join it and two sets of toes now assaulted his nostrils.
Robert couldn't take no more of this, too him with his enhanced smelling capabilities, they were making his eyes water.
He pleaded from his gag, moved around and struggled against his bonds, but it all held fast.
He regretted being so tetchy, he hadn't realised the intent of her mind.
That someone so good as wonderwoman, could stoop so low as too actually submit another human being to smelling her glorious and superior Amazonian feet.
The two feet rubbed and played like siblings in a park.
His nose felt the toes of one foot, then a slow move forward so it could feel and touch the soles before finally the round smooth heel scratched and felt his appendage.
The whole thing was repeated with its brother, before the two of them settled side by side on either side of his face.
His nose just protruding from between her smooth silky soles.
Diana smiled at the sight of his little white nose poking out from her tan tights.
It almost blended it and felt so natural to her, she was after all a goddess and why shouldn't she rest her mighty feet upon this lowly criminal.
Her mobile went and she saw it was Bruce.
“Hello Bruce.”
“Diana, how is your new puppy holding up.”
“Well he is a bit feisty as you said, but he has been subdued and is as we speak apologising to my feet.”
“Really, I'm sure with a little training in respect and humility, he will be an asset to have around.”
“Well if not, he will make a first rate footstool.”
“Oh you are wicked Diana, anyway have to go, I’m close to tracking the Joker and Harley to their current lair.”
“Well if you need help, I'm not far away.”
She clicked off the phone and shifted her toes back to the puppies nose.
“Poor old puppy, don't you like my feet? Well maybe you have learnt a lesson, and now be a little bit more respectful.”
She lifted her feet from his face and leaned forward to look at him.
“I think another half an hour, just to make sure.”
What a bitch he thought, this was too much, her feet were relaxed, but tormenting his very soul.
The went quickly for Diana and very slow for Robert.
She finally lifted her feet from his face again and leaned forward.
“Lets see how respectful you are now.”
Diana unbuckled the gag and Robert flexed his jaw, and stretched his mouth.
It was also good to breathe fresh air, he was conscious that her feet were not too far away.
“How was that for you puppy?”
“That was horrible, your feet stink, now let me up you bitch wonder, I need food, then if you are lucky you get some of Robert, a good 8 inches.”
“Really, you just don’t learn do you, your tied up and you abuse the person in control, very stupid.”
“You are only in control at the moment, eventually I will be and you will be licking my balls.”
Wonder Woman couldn’t help but laugh at his jokes, oh well.
Diana smiled at him and then decided on her next course of action.
She positioned a chair over his prostrate body.
The chair was a classic Ikea sled type recliner.
Designed for casual use, it design was perfect for the next torment.
His face was just in front of where her feet would rest in a straight position.
She untied his legs and after a little struggle she got them placed either side of the rails.
She then secured his knee to the arm rest, followed by his ankle.
The sole of his foot was now facing her.
She did the same with the other side and tied that off as well.
She looked down at him and gave him a wicked smile.
She left the room and came back an hour later.
When she re-entered she was wearing a one piece lycra suit, tights and trainers.
“I’ve just had a little run, a couple of miles, just to warm my feet up.”
She also was holding a pair of gloves.
They were black and had what looked like nails at the end of each finger.
“These were found at one of Catwoman's lairs.”
“The nails were like claws and can cut given enough force, but for me they make superb tools with which to tickle.”
Robert's eyes lie up with fear, he now realised the true nature of his current bondage position.
“So I'm going to sit down, put some tunes on my iPod and relax. During the forty odd minutes of classical music, you can get reacquainted with my warm malodorous toes. We can also see if the soles of your feet are as sensitive as they look.”
Diana sat down and put her headphones on.
Slipping her feet from her shoes, she stretched out to find his face.
The stench of her feet again assaulted his senses, stronger this time and warm, moist.
After a little while she decided to run one finger along the sole of his foot.
He thrashed around for dear life but could do nothing.
She laughed as her other hand did the same, almost guiding the orchestra on her iPod.
Then the intensity went up a notch as she started to use all her fingers.
She was almost scratching the soles of his feet with the tips of the metal claws.
Robert was in turmoil, each breath was laboured and the tickling was unbearable.
How long could she keep this going, how long was the album she was listening to ?
She removed the headphones and smiled at Robert.
“Did you enjoy that? I did, your feet are so ticklish.”
She leant forward and removed the tape from his mouth.
“Well puppy.”
“No I didn’t enjoy that you...” he paused thinking.
“I mean Goddess.”
“Very good puppy, your learning, your place. Do you wish to please me!”
“Yes my Goddess.”
“You may not enjoy it.”
“If it makes you happy and I don't have to smell your feet again, I'm willing to submit.”
“Okay my lovely little puppy.”
She got up and left the room, leaving Robert trussed up like a Sunday Turkey.
On her return she was barefoot and wearing a silk kimono.
She poured herself a glass of white wine, and sat again in her comfortable chair.
Crossing her powerful legs, Robert could see the beautiful sole of her right foot.
It was so smooth, like an expensive piece of leather, slightly tanned as her natural skin colour.
The five toes were all perfectly apportioned, completing the amazing sight.
Everything was natural, no paint on her nails so perfectly pedicured and shaped.
They were every young woman's dream and every slaves ideal picture of the feet he would so love to worship.
“So my little puppy, I'm going to see how well you lick my feet.”
“Yes goddess”
He wondered how they would taste, probably sweaty and dusty.
“I'm expecting a sensual experience, pleasurable and satisfying, no over exuberance, just good whole hearted warm felt Idol worship.”
“Do you think you could manage that?”
Robert thought for a minute, what choice did he have in this position.
He would have to bide his time.
“Yes Goddess.”
“Beg me slave.”
“Please Goddess Wonder Woman, can I lick the soles of your superior feet.”
“Of course you can, now, stick out your tongue.”
Diana held her right foot above his head.
Realizing he had no other choice, he closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue.
“Very good puppy.”
Wonderwoman slowly dragged her foot down my tongue from heel to toe.
She did this multiple times with each foot, and with each swipe his tongue tasted sweat from her feet.
“Start licking them now” Diana ordered.
Robert lifted his head up and began to slowly lick the sweaty soles from top to bottom.
He alternated between licking the bottoms of her feet and sucking on her heels as she presented them to him, while she sighed and relaxed in her chair.
“I could get really used to this, puppy.” she said before pointing her toes down at me.
“Suck on my toes, one at a time.”
Robert took her big toe into his mouth and began to suck on it, swirling his tongue around it to pick up all the sweat possible.
Wonderwoman moaned as he sucked on her big toe, enjoying the pleasure.
“Lick in between my toes too.”
He pushed his tongue in between her toes to lick the sweat trapped there.
Puppy repeated the process for both of her feet, sucking on her toes and licking between them before moving on to the next one.
She enjoyed having her big toes sucked on the most and constantly brought them back to his mouth to suck on them again.
Robert actually started to enjoy his new role, her feet although sweaty had a psychological effect on him, he wanted to smell them again.
He liked the taste and he was as hard as can be.
“Good boy, now to let you up.”
She removed the lasso and the the wrist bindings.
“If you serve me, life can be good.”
“Yes Goddess, I would love to serve you, can I make you dinner and then smell your feet again, please.”
“Well puppy, that is a change, are you trying to decieve me?”
“No Goddess, I want to serve you, use me, abuse me in any way, I am yours.”
She wrapped the lasso around him and smiled.
“Okay puppy, do you wish to serve me?”
“Yes Goddess with all my heart.”
“Do you want lick my boots, smell my feet?”
“Yes Goddess, it would be an honour.”
“Can I lock you in chastity, deciding when and where you get relief?”
“That would be amazing Goddess, get me the device and I will put it on, you can wear the key.”
“Are you going to run away, the minute you get the chance.”
“No way, Goddess, and miss the opportunity to serve you, NEVER.”
“Okay puppy, you can’t lie with lasso around you, so it must be true.”
The chastity device was put on and Diana held the key.
They worked together, with Robert in the background for 40 years, until he passed away, after a heart attack whilst smelling her feet, what a way to go.

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