Work Encounter Part 1

Jun 25, 2009
I was walking from the parking garage to the building I work in, it’s about an 1/8 mile walk through the food court to the elevators. I was in my own little world when this beautiful woman stepped out in front about six steps ahead of me. She was absolutely stunning about 5’7 and 135 wearing heels with a 3” heel but they showed her perfectly manicured red toes

I was stunned I knew who she was, I forget the floor she works on but I have spoken to her before during move in and build out of her floor. Pretty sure she is the HR lady for her company. I had never seen her dressed like this only seen her in jeans and keds she was still smoking but not like this.

As she walked down this long walkway I was torn looking at her feet then her perfect I mean oh damn her ass was perfect in this tight leather skirt just above the knee showing her perfect legs. My eyes kept going back to her feet I felt like a perv looking so hard, there are mirrors all along this section of the walk way and I could not help myself I was trying very hard to see those toes in the mirror. And daydreaming what it would feel like if she kicked off those shoes and just pressed the life from my cock with every ounce of her weight.

It’s funny because I thought to myself I prefer women over 150 lbs if I had a choice, just that it feels better more weight. But I would more than make an exception for her. She is perfect from her beautiful soft female hands, her eyes, her hair. She is killing me and has no idea.

I was in my own little world just watching her toes scrunch in her shoes as her weight came down with each step. I would of took off those shoes and sucked on those toes in front of everyone.

I didn’t even notice she when down the other tunnel to the right away from the elevators and into the vacant area all the spaces are under various levels of construction and competition. The mirrors ended and it was just cinder block walls in this area.

I was snapped back to reality when she stopped and turned around, I was still looking at her feet and shoes. I stopped and my eyes slowly went up her body till I was looking her right in the eyes. She had a big smile on her face and I was frozen. I’m in uniform at work I would get in deep shit if she says I harassed her.

“ You like them? I take very good care of my girls my stupid husband doesn’t even notice”…. “Um ma”am I, uh am not sure…. “ oh don’t Be shy I watched you in the mirror you checked out my ass a little, every guy does that, but you’re eyes.” She paused “ they watched my feet you’re eyes looked hungry like you would suck the polish off my toes” she said with a big smile.”

“It’s Phil right you’re the engineer for our floor? So you have keys to this empty space right here?” Then she leaned in don’t be embarrassed the way you want me, I see the hunger in you’re eyes. Open that door let me do as I wish with you for just a little while and I will not file a complaint.”

My hands were trembling as I fumbled my keys to try and get the key in the lock, I felt her hot breath on my neck as she leaned in. “ hurry I don’t have much time, you don’t want to get fired do you” then she bit my ear lightly, my knees got a little weak in anticipation.

As the door opened she pushed me hard the lights were on in the offices in the back but that left the front dark but not so much I could not see. The force from the push made me stumble a little then she grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face her. I could still see since it was that dark.

She leaned in and whispered are you ready to serve me? And she placed her thin heel on my foot and put some weight on it. I grimaced in pain, “…… “yes ma’am”

Good as she released the pressure on the heel but then stepped onto my feet with the flat front toe parts of her shoes and pinned me to the wall. The way she kissed me I could tell she was into it and as hot as I was. Then with out warning she pulled back and grabbed my shirt and pulled me to the floor.

“ before pleasure, pain” I had no idea what she meant till she raised her right foot and stepped onto my chest and brought the other up beside the first. The weight was not heavy but the heels were digging into my chest so bad I wanted to scream. “Shhhhh she whispered would be hard for you to explain this to management.”…
She walked in place then stood beside me” take off my heels “ she ordered and I gently removed them and set them on the floor. Once again she stepped back onto my chest her eyes fixed on mine. ‘My stupid husband would likely die under my weight and you lay there with a smile?”.

She then rubbed her right foot the length of my face and rubbed my lips with her perfect big toe. “ how bad do you want my feet?” I picked my head up to get them and she pulled back..

“ not yet, how bad do you want them tell me, make me believe you are worthy of these”. With that she stepped back on my chest and jumped. Landing hard. “ you still want them?”

“Yes more than anything”

She jumped hard and landed on my groin, the landing caused me to ball up and groan.. “ lay flat show me you want these toes”

I did as she ordered and she jumped again my dick and balls sharing the trauma of her 135 lbs as she walked in place. “ are you ready, I want you to get me off, make love to my toes I want to feel the earth tremble it’s only you’re job on the line.