Worried about Tramplescene Norwich


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Sep 5, 2002
Norfolk, U.K.
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I thought I had better stop promoting Tramplescene Norwich on this site. I didn’t want to become a bore and it’s not really my responsibility.
However, the club is faltering a little and I am worried that it might eventually fold.
Yes, the prices are on the high side and I do realise that people have wives, partners, children, mortgages, etc. to support. One of the few advantages of being an ugly middle-aged bloke is that I am unattractive to women and therefore have none of the aforementioned! I can therefore afford to have some great nights out at Tramplescene, though I sometimes feel a little guilty about spending so much.
On the other hand, I’m keeping some lovely Ladies in work and the fee of £80 for an hour of trample/domination is much less than that of a private Dominatrix. I have paid £100 per hour, and spent most of my session waiting for the Lady to finish her cigarette, coffee and chat with her colleagues. At Tramplescene you get a full hour, with no breaks. It’s exhausting! There are no hidden costs either, the Ladies do not expect or want gratuities. I know, I’ve tried.
Sadly, some of the Ladies at Tramplescene are leaving. The beautiful little Roxy, 5 feet of little angel with feet to die for, has left after only giving me one barefoot massage. The exotic Kat, with her seductive accent and killer heels seems to have disappeared. Worst of all, though, I heard today that Zara has left and I’m devastated. I feel like I’ve lost a friend. I spent three happy hours being beaten and trampled by Zara and her lovely friend Vixen, plus the time we spent socialising out of session, and got to know her pretty well. She is a riding instructor by profession, with powerful thighs (great for head scissors) and a domineering manner. She didn’t just order me to the floor; she THREW me and planted her boot on my belly with her hands on her hips and a satisfied smile on her beautiful face. I will miss her smiling down at me through her long curly hair while holding me down with her boot on my throat while Vixen trampled me.
I cannot recount every good experience I’ve had at Tramplescene, there are too many, but here are some highlights.
The Ladies wear either black and white maids outfits or leather/pvc mini dresses. One of the BBWs wears a New York police officer’s outfit. Footwear is normally high heeled sandals (which are wickedly cruel) or a variety of boots. Calf length, knee length or, in the case of Mistress Nyla, thigh length.
They all love trampling, and carry out a variety of punishments. Full weight is normally carried out between the parallel bars, and the Ladies also do lovely victory poses and will kick, prod and stomp as well. There is no need to tell them what you want (as is often the case in massage parlours where some of the staff will half-heartedly trample for a large sum of money), they know EXACTLY what to do! A foot on my throat or forehead regularly restrains me, Zia loves wearing her sandals and rubbing her instep on my cheek. She loves having her feet kissed too. Vixen and Nyla love standing on my fingers while I’m on all fours, and they all love using their whips.
As for the three BBWs, they are awesome. Spice weighs in at 28 stone, that’s 392 pounds! No, she hasn’t trampled me full weight but she has laid and sat on me. I’ve also had her large but very shapely bare foot (purple polish) pinning me down. It was like being in a vice. I felt completely helpless and at her mercy. When her slightly lighter friend planted her pretty stocking-clad foot on my belly and stepped up and over me I felt my innards spread a bit. I bet she felt my spine under her foot!
Tramplescene has gone from six-day opening to four, and now it only opens for pre-booked sessions. I don’t know what to do to boost the club’s fortunes, I wish I did. It has a great atmosphere and some lovely staff. I will be there on Wednesday, and will probably have the place to myself again. Six Ladies will be in; I will have three half-hour sessions with two Ladies per session so they all get a turn. It will cost me £240, but boy will I enjoy it!
I helped make a video last Wednesday, which will be shown on the large TV in the club. It features the wonderful Vixen (I have a soft spot for her, which she always finds!), Nyla, Spice and Cinnamon. I get thrown, whipped, trampled, ridden, sat on, laid on and finally wrapped in bubble wrap which the Ladies burst with their feet and othe parts of their lovely bodies. A clip should appear on the website soon. Watch out for it on www.tramplescene.com
Aug 3, 2002
Merseyside - UK
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It is sad to hear that the Tramplescene Club is having problems. However I think the project was doomed from it's early days.

The main reasons for it's probable failure are:-

a) It's location - Norwich is not the most convenient of places to travel to. There's no motorway link and trains run infrequently. The amount of foot-fetish people who live in the area is small so regular visits are naturally going to be at a minimum.

b) The cost - The initial membership scheme was off-putting for many people and when taking the cost of a visit for 1 hour it became even less viable. Added to this was the expense incurred in getting there and home again which in many cases would also have needed overnight stay at a hotel. To make the journey cost (and time) worthwhile a client would have had to pay for an extended visit (2 or more hours) so incurring additional monies.

I think that quite a few of the foot-fetish people in the UK have visited at least one of "Stiletto Foot Parties" held in London or Surrey where they can indulge themselves for 4 or 5 hours (or more) for just £50. London is also much easier to commute to and in quite a few instances cheaper too.

I also imagine that many potential clients already have satisfactory arrangements for indulging in their "fantasies" either within easy reach or even arranging suitable home visits.

As I said it is a shame though if the club does close down but maybe something similar could be opened in one of the larger cities of the UK (eg London, Birmingham or Manchester).
i am in norwich and have thought about going.....

what puts me off a little is that it is so 'organised'......i tend to like being in a discreet room/dungeon in a fetish escort's home for example. I know that there no-one will be intruding, no-one will be wandering around me (in case I get embarrassed) and to be honest it feels a little less business like. I only like certain ways to be trampled or sat on and feel easier asking a plump 'fetish escort' lady to do something in the privacy of her bedroom than I would asking a 'pro-mistress' in a club. Tramplescene is a great idea but for me I doubt it would meet my needs.

That said, while i would be too nervous going in on my own, is there anyone who fancies going in with me - we can each do our own thing when we are there but it is the stigma of going in alone like some skulking pervert that also puts me off.

28st Spice - wow, I would love some of that. Any pics anyone. I would love a session of her squashing and sitting on me.




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Apr 28, 2003
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Hi Store22us

I to am sorry to hear about the difficulties with Tramplescene in Norwich.....But I have got to echo what the others have said.
I live in London and have wanted to travel up to Norwich to try it out, but the thought of a two hour drive up and then the same back is off putting. You have got to question the the wisdom of opening such a club in in that location. No disrespect to Norwich but its a bit of an "out of the way" place. If it had been opened in London it may have been a very different story, with its 12 million inhabitants and links to the rest of the country and even Europe.
I hope it survives, but sadly I dont think it will.

I hope it dont put the girls off trampling, they sound wonderfull. Maybe they should come to London and try.

All the best
May 20, 2004
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A few friends and I were thinking of checking this place out, but we are more into foot worship (kissing, licking, smelling feet) rather than trampling. Does the club cater for this also or is just all about trampling?

Also, I have heard that the club is running some party nights; we would love to come to one of those, as it is easier to justify the time and expense of coming up from London for a party rather than just a quick half an hour or an hour session. Can anybody tell me when the next one of these parties is?