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Sep 26, 2002
A big thanks to popeye, cremlub, Hessian, sabbels, coolmojo, lemmi, patty, tbone, footboy, joe, and budwiser.
popeye if your the same popeye that has posted your own personal pics that I have posted in these threads, then the thanks really, really goes to you.
patty, please express your opinions anytime. :) I'd also like to thank all the webmasters that allow me to share my collection with everyone. If it wasn't for you, I'd have no hobbies.
Thanks again everyone, I always like when it takes more time for me to read and reply, than it does for me to download the pics. I've always enjoyed reading and looking and posting on this site. It's the best out there, and although I have someone I care deeply for, I've spent many a lonely evening lurking around on here. Here's to 300 more.
Here are more from www.bossyfeet.com and www.footfetishzone.com