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Feb 4, 2005
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I have put up a web site of my pictures and illustrated stories around the themes of mixed wrestling and facesitting - it's accessible from this address


to give a flavour of what is on the site, there is a long story series based on the fantasy of wrestling blonde model Amber Lynn Bach. The story begins when she applies for a job as my secretary and comes for interview ...

everything goes fine, but she clinches the job by revealing that she is happy to liven up a day in the office with a little scissoring or wrestling - to prove her point she scissors me there and then ....

and while I'm trapped asks if she has the job. 'It's all yours' I gasp as her legs crush my ribs

the story then unfolds as we have a series of increasingly intense scissoring and wrestling sessions ... to see the whole thing go to

the other long story has me having sessions with a number of glamour models, and culminates in a long series of sessions with mistress joanne lafontaine, using pics of her fabulous facesitting culled from his forum and various TGP sites. this one is at

there's a whole bunch of other stuff on the site too - I'd be pleased to her what people think - via this forum or by email to me