mr face

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Dec 6, 2002
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Last night, i went for a diner at friends' housh.

we were sitting on the sofa , me, my friend and his crasy-young-sexy girlfriend. she is 23 y.o, he is 31 y.o.

after a while, his girlfriend start to argue about something that he told her before i came.

they began to shout to each oter, and suddenley, the girl jump from her sofa on his chest.

"now say you are sorry!"- she was said. my friend was stund, like me- but he coulden't ressit to her." say it" she said again' and smother his nose by her hand.

"I am not going to move until you'll say you are sorry!"

after a while he admit' and she left him.

it was very sexy for me to see that. i wish she were sittng on me too!!...

mr face:D