You are NOT going to believe this!

Dec 10, 2002
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Today, 11/27, Kelly Ripa and Regis exchanged shoes!

Kelly took off her right green 5" pump, and Regis put in on with thick socks, and Kelly put on Regis' right shoe!

Regis stood all the way up in Kelly's shoe, but did not take a step.

Did anyone see it and get it on tape?

Watch tommrow, I think somthing else is going to happen.

Had to mention this, my fetish eyes almost poped out as I turned the channel just when they had a close up of Regis' right foot:cool:

BTW, Kelly's shoe size is 7 1/2B USA, which means Regis' foot has to be a mens 5-5 1/2.....take from an ex-womens shoesalesman:p