your experience with smaller and heavier girl..

Dec 2, 2015
So I normally get sat on by girls, who are around 7 half stone. And it's chilling lol apart from not being able to breath! It's relaxing can go on all day.....only thing to come out of it. Is a slightly sore nose..

So the other day I got sat on by a girl who weigs 10 stone!!!!! And it was the most uncomfortable experience ever...

That I wanted to stop the session and tell her take your money lol!!! My jaw felt like, it was gona fall off...back of my neck lower and upper felt so achy!! I thought it was gona dislocate!!! Plus she had her shins on my arms..which was painful. .
And my upper chest..the pressure was unbearable! !

I don't no if maybe? I need too keep having session and my body will get use to it? But it was terrible???


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May 26, 2006
I suppose it depends on your size and build! I have been sat on and facesat by a girl nearly 11 stone an, yes you can feel the pressure, but I have never wanted it to stock, but I am quick stocky so maybe able to deal with it better!
Jan 22, 2005
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So I did the math and my wife is 22 stone lol. It hurts when she sits on me but that’s all a part of the pleasure. I love looking up at her knowing all her weight is gonna come down on top of me. When she smothers me with her tits it’s the most exciting, she’s a 38i cup.
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Nov 27, 2017
I once got chest sat and pinned down by a woman who was around 5'9 and perhaps around 280-290 LBS. She started off sitting astride my chest and holding my arms down. Then eventually pinned my arms under her shins. I had absolutely no chance of getting out of it, and it was quite an intense and helpless feeling. But also very arousing.