You're Just a Spend & Stroke Loser!

May 19, 2018
Title You're Sully Savage's Spend & Stroke Loser!

GIF: paying for sullys dates finished gif.gif


PLOT: You’re completely and utterly useless. Your dick is nothing and you’re to ugly to ever get a real woman. At least Sully Savage has a place for you. A purpose if you will. She begins to explain what your purpose in life will be while going on and on about her boyfriend. You’ll never have a Goddess like her loser, let that fact sink in. “Keep stroking your pathetic little dick and keep paying for my clips, because you won’t be getting anything else.” Sully expresses this clear to you. She sexts with her boyfriend in front of you while berating that tiny thing between your legs. Sully takes all your money and spends it on her boyfriend, she absolutely spoils him with your money. Sully decides to let you touch yourself because while one of her hands are in your pocket, her other is on her boyfriend’s dick. So, go ahead and touch your pathetic cock. Cum countdown time! Get ready to cum all over yourself and embrace that this is the best you’ll ever get in your pathetic life. Spend and stroke loser.

Models: Sully Savage

Category: Financial Domination, POV Humiliation, Cum Countdown, Small Penis Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation, Findom, Brat Girls, Cuckolding