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is your youtube channel gone? any replacements?
Unfortunately youtube deletes my account because of violation of copyright. When i can do i'll try to replace the clips in a new channel. I'll link it to you.
Cothath - Where have you been - I haven't heard from you. I thought you had left the Forum...…………...Your friend Tekkar
Hi, are you taking custom clips, I'd love to se Lady sofia doing some throat trampling barefoot. Regards
Hi John, how are you?

No idea why but at last few months my replies does not post and message show-up on top as "needs moderator approval...."

Could you please check my account level, access right etc. and help to fix problem that I can post freely :)

I tried to post in trampling forum, TV trampling scene thread.

Best Regards
I got into facesitting when I was 6 I moved in beside a girl named Kim age 9 right away she would hold me down sit on my face for hours everyday for a few years!! Even though I have had a lot of woman sit on my face never one like her that wanted to do it, are they real??
Fun with the step daughter while mummys at work.Shes got a lovely smooth pussy and cute little bum and loves my cock, our little secret! shes teased me in her see through leggings all day and wanked me off while mummy was in the shower